Community Involvement

Since inception, Crystal Mountain Sel Sahara has been dedicated to generating a positive impact on the local community. We want our presence to help improve the quality of life in the area as we grow.


Donating to Local Schools:

CMSS has sponsored various events to help acquaint ourselves with the needs and desires of the local people. One of the ways we have sought to do this is through donations of supplies to local school children in the neighboring town of Daora.


Employment Statistics:

CMSS wants to share its success by employing members of local communities. 87.5% of our staff are Saharawi and 75% of our staff live in the neighboring Village of Doura. Prior to our arrival this village had an unemployment rate of 34% and, in fact, 94% of our staff was unemployed before they were hired.


Safety Programs:

In line with our desires to support and employ the local community, safety is of the utmost importance at CMSS. We recognize that our most valuable resources are our employees. We firmly believe that injuries can be prevented. To achieve a zero accident goal, we have made all efforts to comply with a comprehensive health and safety program as well as governmental regulations. We are committed to undertaking proactive initiatives to promote and maintain a safe and healthful work environment and to develop safe operating procedures.